Monday, 30 September 2013

September fish has awakened?

Have you noticed how you haven't caught one single Pufferfish in September?

Well, in Fishao certain kinds of fish becomes active/inacite at certain times of the year. For example today I got contacted by a player who caught a Giant Snakehead in Aquayama, which I have never known about until this month. And yesterday when I was in Tombani I caught Freshwater Goby and Goldsilk Bream which I had not caught the previous month when I was there.

This is what the reserved column to the right in the tables are for in the Area Fishing Guide. So now I have started adding more detailed info there. For example for Pufferfish it now says "? -> Aug", which means it's active from an unknown time (?) of the year until August (Aug). And on Giant Snakehead it says "Sep -> ?" which means it's active from September until an unknown time of the year. These will eventually ofcourse get the questionmarks replaced by actual months, like "Feb -> Sep" and so on.

I think I have those times correct for now but I'm not 100% certain. You guys are welcome to contact me if you notice errors ofcourse. Remember that the notepad in your Fishdex is your best friend =)

Perhaps some cool (litteraly) 5-star fish will become active during the winter months?   ;-)

Have fun exploring Fishao! =)

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