Saturday, 14 September 2013

Goldcarp World Record!

I have been trying intesively for about three days now to catch a Green Sawfish at Pinheira Beach. I have yet to catch one! But in my attempts I happened to set the new WR for Common Dolphinfish. So thats quite alright  ;-)

Every now and then I get asked from players if it's possible to catch octopus in this game. The answer is yes. So I thought I'd show a picute of it. I have only caught it once in Seagul Harbor which you unlock at level 60. It's a fun place where you actually get to rent small boat for 15 minutes and go out on the sea to catch some nice fish.

Wr for Hammerhead is 564cm
In Seagul Harbor you can catch the famous Blue Marlin and you can also catch some really big Hammerhead Sharks. My biggest Hammerhead was 526cm.

New World Record!
I only have two types of fish left to catch in Laketown. So I set out to catch one of them, the Goldcarp. I didn't catch one, but I did catch three pikes, all on grasshoppers, so I'm still satisfied =)

However, I was fishing at the time with FredrikJ97, and he actually managed to catch the Goldcarp, and not only that, it was also a new world record for that species! An improvement with 26 cm! Gratz to that! =)

Have fun everyone! =)

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