Wednesday, 4 September 2013

5-star world records

Gratz to Vilevari for this catch.
It's fun to see more and more people gathering up and playing this game. This also means more challangers for records. I can see an increase in world records being set and also more and more people are sending in data on their 5-star fish. So thanks to all of you guys! You are all helping to make this blog better by the day!

Perhaps one of the more exciting type of world records are the ones on 5-star fish. For example, the world record for Coelacanth has now been broken by the player Vilevari and went from 105cm to 125cm, not bad! It's also the first Coleacanth reported to have been caught during daytime.

Weezle caught this nice Sailfish.

Another impressive new WR for Sailfish has been broken by Weezle. It is infact also the only reported catch I have recieved to the blog about this fish.

And on a sidenote, Weezle also discovered that Arapaima can be caught in Aquayama as well, and not only in Rio Tropical.

The Area Fishing Guide will have an update soon as I am getting more data from Tombani Town.

Have fun!

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