Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Biggest fish World Record!

New World Record: 625 cm
The world record for biggest fish ever caught in Fishao has now been broken by the player Weezle!

The new record is a 625 cm Green Sawfish! But that is not all, he actually caught THREE Green Sawfish the same day! ... and he didn't even use any luck potion. I'm not sure what the secret to this is. He didn't want me to tell what kind of bait he used or what time he caught them. So the screenshot has been edited ;-)

It feels quite mysterious, doesn't it? =)

What do you people think about some type of reward for the currect WR holder? Perhaps something fun and unique to wear like a hat, shirt or something like that, until someone beats him/her. Just like in Tour de France where the current leader is always wearing the yellow shirt. Well, it's just a suggestion =)

Anyways, have fun!

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