Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Tombani Town + Teamwork = Electric Catfish

From the left: Me (Salty), Fisheur and Weezle.
I just recently got to level 80 so now Tombani Town has beeen unlocked for me. There is an area inside there which is a small pond surrounded by a big fence. There are also two large plates on the ground outside of it, and if two guys stand each on one plate then the fence lowers itself into the ground and other players can enter and fish in there. If anyone moves away from the plate/s the fence raises up again and everyone inside is thrown out!  =)

And so logically, cooperation is needed to get in there. Me, Weezle, and Fisheur went there together to check out what type of mysterious fish the pond holds. We each took turns with fishing and standing on the buttons. And at first we didn't have much luck with the fishing in there, so I switched bait to Cherries and a couple of casts later I caught a really cool fish, an Electric Catfish. And shortly after me Fisheur also caught one of those on maggots. It's a 4-star fish too so it's good xp!

We only caught a few of the fish in there so maybe there is some other cool and yet unknown fish in the pond?

Doesnt it look awesome?!

Remember that teamwork always works out in Fishao! =)

Have fun!

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