Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fish Market trading prices

I have started to recieve back some of the forms that you guys and girls are filling out regarding the fish market trading prices. I have also been getting some general questions about it so I just thought that I would make a little comment.

- Can I continue updating the form after I sent it in to you?
Yes, certainly. Infact that would be awesome. That would mean that the prices would keep getting regularly updated and hence the quality of the table would be amazing!

- Is it okay if I write it all down in an excel table instead?
The reason I have the form in the current format is just to ease the editing process a little for myself. But ofcourse you can use Excel if you want to. I'm happy anyway as long as people want to help out, because you/we are all cooperating together to improve the quality and the fun we have together via the Fishao world. This section will be largely credited to you guys! And as I think I mentioned sometime before; This blog has much to thank the players of Fishao for!

Have fun! =)

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