Saturday, 28 September 2013

Tournament Fishing Guide completed!

Today I have finished the Tournament Fishing Guide!

If you have caught a fish that is not present there yet you are welcome to send me a screenshot of it =)

Sharing a nice screenshot with you guys of the new WR for Common Octopus, 374 cm. Did you know that the Octopus is not a fish? It's classified as a invertibrate and is a type of Mollusc. Cool!

World record for Common Octopus!

Some people are wondering if I'm going to introduce a section on the blog dedicated to the Fishmarket trading prices. I am considering it but it's not decided yet. If I'm going to do it I will probably make a form with all the known species for people to copy/download, fill it in and then send it back to me. That would probably be a good solution since it's a big job keeping track of the lowest and highest prices for 151 types of fish and one Invertibrate (or perhaps more?).

So now you know guys =)

Anyways, have fun! =)

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