Thursday, 19 September 2013

Fish Market has opened!

Today the brand new Fish Market has opened up in Pinheira Beach!
Fish bucks! 

This is how it works:
All fish that you catch from now on will be put into your inventory. You can go to the Fish Market to sell your fish in return for the new ingame currency "Fish bucks". Right now you can use this currency to buy energy with, but you will be able to buy many different type of things with it in the future as Fishao gets updated.

John works at the Fish Market
There are two people working  at the Fishmarket, John and Rick. The amount of Fish bucks that you get for a certain type of fish will vary from day to day. John will give you individual prizes for each type of fish, and Rick will buy them all for the price he specifies. The more rare the fish is the more Fish bucks you get! You can also use your fish in trades with other players. So it's all about being as smart a businessman/woman that you can =)

Now open! Welcome in!
This new currency removes time spent waiting and greatly increases the time you spend on actively fishing, since the fish you catch can be sold for Fish bucks and the Fish bucks can be used to buy energy. It's a win-win situation =)

In my opinion it's a brilliant new feature for this game. It adds a new dimension, keeps the pace up in the game and gives players a new fun way to increase their energy, and also as stated earlier it will soon also give you lots of more things to spend your Fish bucks on! =)

The Fishmarket is closed on sundays.

Have fun! =)


  1. Great explanation! Will you also make a page on this blog with info about minimal and maximal prizes for each fish type while selling it in the fish market to John?

    1. It's possible. Haven't decided yet though =)

  2. I can help you if you want :-)