Saturday, 21 September 2013

Biggest Fish ever caught, NEW WR!

On the 16:th of July I spoke to Mitch at Pinheira Beach. That was the first time I learnt about the existence of the Green Sawfish. That very day I tried to catch it and I DID get something huge to bite which looked like it could be a "five". But I immediately lost the fish since it was much too big for my rod back then.

So for two months now I have been trying to catch this fish. I knew that the player Weezle had caught several Green Sawfish and I understood that he must have some type of secret to catching it. Well, I don't want to reveal too much... fishermen have their secrets..  ;-) ... But I stumbled upon something and today, after two months of Fishing I finally caught the fish and it was an absolute MONSTER Green Sawfish.

I can hardly believe that I managed to pull it up since it was really really strong, and I was just a tiny hair from loosing it. But when I actually DID manage to pull it up my eyes popped out of their sockets, it was HUGE. I beat the World Record for Green Sawfish and at the same time also the WR for the biggest fish ever caught in Fishao with about ONE METER. It was 722 cm long!

So yeah, I guess you can imagine that I am more than satisfied right now! =)

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