Monday, 22 July 2013

Worlds first Coelacanth!

So...Wolffish during full moon ey?
Today is full moon. Will it bring any special catches?

I don't know. But one of the new 5-star catches I recieced really early into this day (around 05:00), is a Wolf-fish! Atlantic Wolffish to be exact.

And on another exciting note regarding "fives" is that the first ever Coelacantch has now been caught in Fishao! The player who caught it was KoningRick.
Have  a look at this beauty in the picture below.
World first!

On a personal note I did not have the best of days.X-) ...But it was kinda funny actually.

I was doing the daily quest, and for that I needed to be top 3 in a tournament. I also needed a new rod (simple rod for tournament is not so good). But If I bought the rod I couldn't afford the tournament! (lol). I bought the rod and spent all day using lesser rods, doing achievements to get 5 coins for the tournament. With one hour left on the daily, I had 5 coins! I enter a tournament but do NOT end up in the top 3 and lose all my coins! (lol)

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