Sunday, 21 July 2013

Paddlefish secret REVEALED, and Ingame FISH RADAR!

I have a number of cool news and pieces of information to reveal in the 5-star fish guide today! Thanks everyone who keeps sending me screenshots and information! Did you know that Golden Trout can not only be caught in the trout farm? The player Granny actually caught one in the Lake Run tournament, and not only did he catch it in a "new" location, he caught in on a  "new" bait too: Plug!

Caught with WHAAAT?!
Other new entries are:
*Mandarinfish (beautiful), *Barreleye (transparent head!), *Lionhead Goldfish

And then we have the "secret" 5-star fish that I wasn't sure If I was going to reveal yet. But -What the heck! Have a look at the right pic.

Personally It wasn't my best day of fishing. I lost three rare and big fishes at Pinheira Beach...not strong enough rod X-). If I had more coin I would be able to show u guys new cool fish =)
Barracuda, always a nice catch!

However! My best catch of the day was probably the Barracuda I caught in the Boat On Sea tournament, really nice fish!

I end todays blog with another piece of exciting new information. I made a suggestion on the Fishao Forum on a way to make it possible to scout fish locations.
Administrator Jin replied:
-Actually, we're planning some new kind of gadgets to find hotspots... ;-) Expected: this summer.

He then showed THIS picture:
Fish radar coming THIS summer!

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