Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Full moon aftermath

So yesterday was full moon-day. In real life a full moon is rumored to have some type of effect on fish. The same rumor was floating about in the world of Fishao.

The supposed effect of the full moon is (irl):
1, Predator fish becomes more active since they think it's actually daytime.
2, Predator fish have an easier time spotting their prey since it's reflecting the moonlight.
3, Tides are said to be slightly affected making more areas at the coastal areas available for fish.

Todays question is, did you notice any difference during yesterdays fishing?

I know one player (EverGreen) who managed to catch two pikes in laketown. And the pike is considered to be rare. So that might have been because of the full moon, or it could simply have been luck.

Personally I didn't notice any difference. I took the opportunity to have a go at the Paddlefish with only the hook as bait (since that is what they can be caught on). I made about 70 casts during the night cycle, but didn't get any bite. I also tried fishing at Pinheira Beach but noticed nothing out of the ordinary there.

I can't tell if there was an actual difference. If I had more than 15 energy at a time I probably could have noticed a statistical difference between bite / no bite. But with the 15 energy you first have to find a hotspot, which might take about five casts or sometimes more, and then you have your remaining energy, maybe 10, to catch fish with. And any deviation in bite /no bite on just 10 casts can be the result of pure coincidence, unless you get like 7-10 bites in a row (which i didn't). To fully recharge your energy takes 45 minutes (3 min per energy unit). And 15 casts takes about 5 minutes or so to complete. Which means that every 50 minutes you might have an average of 10 casts in hotspots. Unless you cast once every 3 minutes, which might not be as good since hotspots get cold after a while.

Sure, one can use their coins on energy, but I don't do that very often since energy is free and rods are not =)

Ok so todays blog was much more analytical than usual, I apologize if it wasn't as "fun" as the others...lol =) So lets end it off with this amazing 5-star Barreleye which gave me the win in the Boat On Sea tournament!

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