Friday, 19 July 2013

Unexpected catch!

Pacuma Toadfish. Try it at night.
I managed to catch a couple of more fishes that I never heard about before. First one was at the beach. I was actually trying to catch Green Sawfish. And it's very possible that I had one because I was using a quality rod and fish as bait, and all of a sudden a huge fish bites (looked like a 5-star) and manages to get away! So it was atelast larger than 150cm.

So I had to switch to my Power Rod and keep trying. I never caught it but all of a sudden I get something I never seen before, a Pacuma Toadfish! If you wanna have a go at it, try it at nighttime!

I also caught another fish that was new to me in Mystic Desert:

Psst...While in Mystic Desert, use Insects.
All my good rods are worn out now though. So I don't know when I will be able to continue my hunt for the Green Sawfish.

If I had the Fishao rod I would probably have it by now though!

The Fishao Rod
.....-Oh great spirit of I guess....give me the Fishao rod,

Oh, by the way! You know Bobs minigame where you collect coins? For some reason he decided to let me collect some coins again! You might want to try it! (edit: I found out later you can actually do that minigame once a week)

Closing with a tip from Mitch. Ever heard about Coelacanth before? Not me!

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