Saturday, 20 July 2013


As I mentioned in earlier posts I have been trying to catch the Green Sawtooth, but it's still eluding me. Yesterday I burned out one whole power rod purely in my attempts to catch it.

Nighttime only!
Oh, and I also said that Pacuma Toadfish seems to be a nighttime fish. But I have now caught it during the day too.

I did however catch another fish, this one in Sibiri City. This one is strictly a night fish though, atleast according to it's description. The Silver Scabbardfish. I caught around four or five of those in one single go and It's a four-star fish and gives you a good amount of xp. Might have been just pure luck, but those might be a good idea if you want to level up while the Trout farm is closed.

While in Sibiri I also managed to catch my first Opah. Another nice four-star fish with some nice xp. And it looks really cool and different.

Cool/Weird looking
I would say that the best bait in Sibiri is definitely fish. All the big fish like it, Silver scabbardfish, Opah, Tope Shark and some more.. and possibly some that I still don't know about.

The Mandarinfish, which you can catch in Pinheira Beach is probably the most beautiful fish in the world IRL, and maybe in Fishao too.

I haven't caught it yet. But some type of  insect seem to be good for it.

It's Australian cousin is called LSD-fish. Have a look at it and you'll understand why =)

The beautiful Mandarinfish

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