Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Some nice fish today!

Damn Bream!

One of the things I had to do for my daily quest (which I started the day before) was to catch 3 Bream. I caught two on dough very quickly and then I went to bed. And so today I could not for the life of me catch any more of those suckers X-) ... I litterally had to throw out my bait around 120 times before I caught the last one! (I'm not even kidding), and I only had 20 minutes left on the challange. So that was a relief!

I got some really cool Plugs as reward.

Green Sawtooth?

You know the crazy guy down at the beach, Mitch. He told me I could catch Green Sawtooth with Plug. Good opportunity to try out my new Plugs.
Mitch, crazy but right.
I didn't catch any sawtooth, but I did catch my first Common Dolphinfish. And not just ONE, I caught three in a row! And those are 4 star fish, largest one was 146 cm, so thats nice for your xp!

I still want to catch that Sawtooth though! Hopefully soon!

I did lose one HUGE fish though, It was a 4- or 5 star fish, but even on my Quality Rod with capability of 150cm fish, I stood NO chance against that great beast...What the hell could it have been, was it the sawtooth?

Just as I was to log off I also caught my first Eel. As I understand they can only be caught at night. A small 39 cm catch, but still a nice catch!

But then a couple of seconds later my friend Weezle catches a 139cm WORLD REORD Eel, that bastard! X-)

Will I catch the Sneaky Green Sawtooth any time soon?

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