Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Giant Moray Now Caught! & New Area Fishing Guide!

It is said that there now is a new fish in Fishao. And this fish is said to be the Giant Moray. And guess what? It has already been caught! =)

KoningRick caught this cool fish yesterday. We are not 100% sure if it's the worlds first. But we are pretty sure, unless omeone else caught one with the exact same size!

On another note. I have been working on a complete Area Fishing Guide for Fishao. That's also why this blog entry won't be as long as the others. But as you can see there already is a button for it to the right and you can also click it in the top menu. It's heavily under construction right now so there is still alot of data I need to gather. But I think it can already be of help for some people.

If you feel you want to help and see some types of fish I haven't entered into the charts yet, feel free to send me information about the fish/fishes (Only for the areas I have already started charts for though). The best would be to send me screenshots to:

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