Thursday, 18 July 2013

New 5-star fishes

I have started recieving data/screenshots on other peoples 5-star fish that they caught. So make sure you check out the newly updated 5-star fish section of this blog. Thanks everyone for sending to me!

On another note I actually managed to catch a 5-star myself. A Red Scorpionfish caught during the Boat On Sea tournament! I was not doing super great, I was in third place, but in the end I caught this fish which made me win =)

And by the way, In one of my other tournaments my fellow competitor Weezle managed to catch a real MONSTER 444cm Atlantic Bluefin Tunafish (4-star). Do I have to mention that he won?

Another catch I'm happy with is the Mekong Giant Catfish I caught during a Lake Run tournament. A nice 4-star one:

I can really recommend doing tournaments. It gives you a really nice xp boost and you have an opportunity to catch some really rare and/or giant ones.

If you only have a 60-100cm rod I would recomend doing the "Magic 15" or Race tournament, since you rarely catch fish larger than 60 cm there. Although I  was lucky and won my first Boat On Sea tournamnt with only dough and a 100cm rod!.

Mandarinfish?! What the? ... 5-star fish?

I end todays blog with a mysterious advice from Mitch, the crazy guy on the beach. Have you ever heard of that fish before? I haven't!

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