Friday, 26 July 2013

391cm 5-star Green Sawfish caught!

Finaly the Green Sawfish has been caught.
Today I have the Screenshot of the Green Sawfish that Weezle caught from the pier in Pinheira Beach. Another "five" for the collection =)

The Area Fishing Guide is coming along well. I added another row in the charts for "Time", because certain fish can only be caught during certain times of the day and some even only during certain months.

Sturgeon ftw.

I had some really nice catches myself yesterday. My biggest fish is now a superb 380cm Chinese Sturgeon that I caught in Aquayama!

Later I also managed to catch a really nice 125cm Pike. I was actually after the Goldcarp. But the hotspot I had right then was really super active. So I decided to throw in one of my new red & white plugs..and *WHAM* there was the pike on the very first throw!=)

-I like plugs!
I'm not sure if it matters exactly what kind of plug you use for different kinds of fish. What do you think? Atleast this Laketown pike liked my red and white plug =)

Have a nice day of fishing in Fishao!

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