Thursday, 25 July 2013

Remember your notepad! =)

The Area Fishing Guide is moving along. There is alot of data to collect, and the guide will keep collecting data for a long time since for example some fish can only caught during certain months of the year. Administrator Jin on the forum had the following to say:

1. Some fish can only be caught on specific places, for example when using a raft / boat.
2. Some fish can only be caught in specific months, for example: from June till October.
3. Some fish can only be caught on specific times, for example: from 08:00 till 11:00.

This type of information is important. Especially when trying to catch more rare 4- or 5-star fishes. So my tip of the day for you is that when you catch this type of fish, use the notepad within your fishdex and note the following:
* Time.
* Month.
* Location within map, for example: From raft, shore, pier, left lake, right lake, etc.

This information is also important to help complete the area fishing guide, and making it accurate. So remember, Use the notepad when you catch fish! =)

That was all about the fishing guide for today..hehe...

On another note, yesterday I managed to catch the final two fish I had left to catch in Mystic Desert, which gave me 10 coins! The last fish I needed was the Nile Perch. I had ONE bait and ONE energy left and on my last throw I caught it! (lol)

Also, Weezle Managed to catch the Green Sawfish! I'm a bit jealous that he caught it before me. I'm fairly sure I had it on my hook atleast two times but lost it. But I realized why it got off my hook when I saw that Weezle's Sawfish was over 3 meters long!

SORRY though guys, no screenshots this time. The file I recieved got corrupted somehow. I'll post you the screenshot tomorrow though!

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