Monday, 19 August 2013

Three Piranhas in four casts!

My Pirahna spot. (click to enlarge)
Of all the times I've been in Rio Tropical I have only caught ONE Piranha, ever! But yesterday something weird happened. I was in Rio at the waterfall. The time was 16:00 (GMT+1) and the rain started to fall. I decided to use fish as bait and then I made a cast close to the waterfall. I got a bite and it was a Piranha! "-Wow nice, thats rare", I thought to myself.

I made another identical cast and got another bite, and it was ANOTHER Piranha! I was like...
"-Wow! what are the chances of that happening?!".

On my next cast I don't remember what I caught, some ordinary fish probably, but on my fourth cast I caught yet ANOTHER Piranha!

So, four casts and 3 Piranhas! Was it pure luck or did I stumble upon some secret on how and where to catch it?

Later that day I also entered the Boat on sea tournament where I caught my first ever Atlantic Bluefin Tuna, which helped me win the tournament!

It was a rather "small" one, compared to the wr which is 444cm, but still a nice 4-star catch!

Have fun fishing!

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