Sunday, 11 August 2013

I'm so happy!

So why am I so happy right now? I tell you why, because I FINALLY caught the Mandarinfish!

I had just completed Herbs daily quest and only had only a small amount of xp left to get to lvl 60 and unlock Seagull Harbor, and since I only had a small rod and didn't want to waste coins on a better one, I went to Pinheria to get the xp I needed. My first cast yielded no results, So I went to the opposite side of the pier and immediately got a bite. I was kind of daydreaming and wasn't ready for it, and since it was a "five" the marker in the bite mingame went out to the red and I ALMOST lost the fish! But my brain woke up again and I was able to land the fish (lol). And there it was...the Mandarinfish! I wonder how many casts I made at Pinheira before I caught it...must have been ALOT =)

The xp I got from that fish opened up Seagull Harbor for me. So now I just need to save up to 30 coins to get a silver rod, since the fish get really huge there. I still won't be able to land the largest fish in Seagull Harbor with the silver rod though, but hey, it's the best I can do.

Happy fishing out there!

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