Saturday, 17 August 2013

I caught a Gar! + Full moon coming up

Yesterday I was doing the Magic 15 competition. I was hoping to catch one of the 5-star fishes. I didn't catch one of those, but EverGreen did! She caught a Payara, so gratz to that! =)

Pretty rare!
Instead I caught a fish I didn't know even existed in this game, a 163 cm Gar! An awesome 4-star fish that took me by suprise. The bait I used was fish.

On another note, the wr for the 5-star fish European Conger, which can be caught in Sibiri, has now been beaten by a whole 59 cm! So gratz to Fisheur and his 233 cm wr for European Conger =)

Full Moon soon
Remember: Full Moon is in four days, on august the 21st.  You might want to start saving coins for energy, rods etc to increase your chances. Perhaps you can catch some rare fish =)

Have fun!

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