Saturday, 3 August 2013

New 5-star fish & Info about moon cycles


Sturgeon Confusion

I recieved a screenshot of a "five" that EverGreen caught, the Kaluga Sturgeon. However I had a suspicion that I already had that fish on the blog.

I searched the 5-star page and finally figured out why it seemed so familiar. There is another 5-star Sturgeon called Beluga Sturgeon. BEluga and KAluga... =)

Beluga is Aquayama and Kaluga is Cool Mountain.

View Moon cycles direcly on this blog

If you have a look to the right of this page you can see a little gadget that always keeps track of the moon cycles and tells you when the next full moon is. As some of you might know, the full moon may have some interesting effects both in real life fishing AND in Fishao. So from now on, when you need to find out when the next full moon is, you can simly check it here.


Don't take a swim with this guy...

I have been trying to catch a Pirahna in Rio Tropical for quite some time. I went to Rio today to try and catch Arapaima and/or Golden Dorado, and while I was simply using Insects as bait to find a hotspot, I suddenly got this little chomper on my hook!


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