Saturday, 31 August 2013

Guide: Earning fishcoins

-How do I earn free fishcoins?

Lets start from the beginning. The first thing you want to do is to complete all the stages of the tutorial to get all the coins from it. Then there are some different things you can do.

                    Bobs Minigame
Make sure you visit Bob in Rio Tropical. When you talk to him a minigame starts that lets you pick up 10 coins on the ground. You can do this once a week.


This little fella is at a different area every day, offering you a quest to catch some fish for him. He rewards you anywhere from 2 to 8 coins, as far as I have seen.

There are two categories here, Local and Global. Just click the little fish to the left of your screen and you can see all the achievements available. Every area gives you 1 coin for just speaking to all the NPC's there, so that one is easy and fairly quick to do. Another really easy one is to collect seashells at Pinheira Beach.

Here is where you have the highest potential for coins. The more players in a tournament the more coins you can win. The prices are based on the total entry fee for all players (5 coins per player). Winner gets 35%, 2nd place 25% and 3rd place gets 15% of the total entry fee. So lets say there are 20 contestants, that means that 1st prize is 35 coins.

For every person that you refer you get 1 coin per level above 5 that they reach. You find the referral section if you click your profile and then go down to referrals. There you have a personal link that you can give to other people and hopefully earn some coins from.


  1. Getting fishcoins at my current level(14) is so hard.. I vote for one more way of getting coins! ;)or just raise the amount of coins you get by completing certain challenges, 1 coin for catching 500 fishes feels a little cheap.

  2. I only seem to get 4 fish coins when i go about bobs mini game any ideas?

    1. If you also go across the bridge to the other side the coins will add up to 10.

    2. Ah i see i was just running round the tents hoping more would appear lol cheers again,

  3. Where does Herb be at???

  4. Does the talking to the npcs thing still work?