Saturday, 24 August 2013

Fishao now open to the public!

I'm very happy that Fishao now took the step out of the beta-phase. Lots of new players are playing now and the numbers are steadily increasing. For the first time today I saw over 100 people logged in at the same time.

So if there are any new players reading this I welcome you to the world of Fishao! =)

Luck Potion 2
I tried one of the new Luck Potions today. I got my hands on Luck Potion 2 and, yep, I was very happy with the results! Or what do you say about a 5-star Mandarinfish? Not bad, not bad at all =D

Running Shoes
A player was also kind enough to loan me a pair of Runner Shoes, the ones you can now buy in the store. And that was really fun. I was running around probably twice as fast =) I recorded a video of it but unfortunately I got some technical problems with the clip, so sorry about that!

The Easter Bunny, Santa, Batman, and...Luke Skywalker?


Have fun! =)

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