Monday, 26 August 2013

New 5-star fish + Radar

Yesterday I recieved a new 5-star fish from the player Weezle. As far as I can tell noone has ever caught this fish before. He caught it on fish during daytime in Seagull Harbor. Nice catch!

Tournaments and coins
Now since there are more and more people coming in to play this wonderfull game, tournaments have become an even more exciting part of it and you have a good opportunity to earn fishcoins this way, if you are willing to "gamble" a little. Remeber, the more players in a tournament the larger the price money is =)

Also, if you need more coins, you might want to check Bob in Rio Tropical. It might be changed so that you now can get 10 coins per day from him, instead of 10 coins per week. Im not 100% certain though, but I was able to go to him two days in a row.

I'm sure some of you are already somewhat familiar with atleast the existence of the new fish radars that you can buy from the store.

There are three different types as you can see in the picture. Green, white and blue. They work by simply highlighting areas with fish in them , also known as hotspots. The better the radar the more accurate it is and the longer it lasts. Remember that you can use these in tournaments as well, but you can only use one trinket (Radar, Magic Watch or Potion) at a time.

Without radar                                                 With radar

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