Friday, 23 August 2013

Fishao Updated!

There are plenty of new updates in Fishao today!

In fact too may for me to mention all of them. The smartest thing is if you just log in to Fishao and check the new stuff in the shop =)

There is also a fish market now on Pinheira Beach to the left of the pier. It seems you will be able to sell the rare fish that you have caught. And my collection of those just grew bigger as I caught a 297 cm Beluga Sturgeon in Cool Mountain yesterday. Thats almost a 3 meter fish. But I did actually catch an even bigger fish, a 526cm Hammerhead Shark! Which means I am now #3 in Fishao on biggest fish.

You can sell the 5-star fishes you caught.
I'm not certain what times the fish market is open though. But have a peek every now and then =)

On a "sad" note though I don't have a Fishao rod any longer. It was just a loan and I had to return it today =(

Since I have to buy a new rod now and since I'm pretty broke, it will take a while before I can blog about the new cool stuff in the game. But hang in there guys, I'm doing my best =)

Also thanks for all the emails and messages I get about the blog!

Now go and check out the new stuff if you haven't already =)

Have fun!

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