Saturday, 19 October 2013

Full Moon = Success!

I had a great day yesterday at the full moon. I met so many players and we had lots of fun fishing together. Several great things happened. Firstly I reached level 100. And the funny thing is that I reached level 100 after 100 days of playing! Cool huh? =)

So how did the fishing in itself go? It went really well. My plan was to try and catch some fishes that I hadn't caught yet. I went to Seagul Harbor and rented a boat. The fish where really biting and I caught several octopus. I was nearing the end of my 15 minutes on the boat when I got a bite from what looked like a 5-star fish, and it was! It was an Atlantic Wolffish! Funny thing is that the last time I heard about this fish being caught was also at a full moon a couple of months ago. Not saying it can't be caught at other times though.

I tried to catch the Arapaima in both Rio Tropical and Aquayama since they are the only ones I have left to catch in those two areas. Didn't have any success with that though. And yes, you can catch Arapaima at both areas =)

By the way, I noticed that I didn't catch one single rainbow runner at Seagul Harbor, and come to think of it I haven't caught any of those since September. This leads me to believe it's a seasonal fish. I will put that on the next update for the Seagul Harbor Table.

Lastly I went to Laketown to hunt for Goldcarp and Paddlefish.

I didn't catch any Paddlefish. But I did actually catch the Goldcarp! I have been trying to catch it for a long time, and I guess this was my lucky night! Hurray! =)

So in conclusion: I reached level 100, I actually got 3 fishboxes also (gave one away)...and last but not least I caught two 5-star fishes that I hadn't caught before!

Success!  =D

Okay everyone, have fun!  =)


  1. I've caught the Goldcarp yesterday too. And I've caught the Atlantic Wolffish on 14.10. and 15.10. so it doesn't have to be fullmoon.

    1. Gratz to that =) And thanks for the info!


  2. nice fullmoon :) :)
    gratulation salty

    1. Thanks.... and nice fishes you have there =)