Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Bigmouth Buffalo

Some updates today =)

Catch it with hook as bait!
The player Sp33dy caught a fish that I have never seen or heard about before. The fish is called Bigmouth Buffalo. It's "only" a 3-star fish that you can catch in the Race (Magic 15) tournament, so how come I haven't heard about this fish before? Because the bait used to catch it is Hook! So now we know of two fishes that can be caught with Hook; Bigmouth Buffalo and Paddlefish =)

Hence I have also updated the Tournament Fishing Guide, and the Race (Magic 15) table is now complete!

I would also like to give special thanks to JCase and Daniel Manteca for providing several new pieces of data for the Fish Market Guide which has also been updated today. Thank you!

Okay everyone, have fun!  =)


  1. Great discovery of the BB.

    I have one myself now in the collection, only 51cm but still nice! ;-)


    1. Oh you caught one too.. Great! .. gratz to that =D

  2. Bigmouth Buffalo