Sunday, 27 October 2013

New World Record Biggest Fish !!!

The player Blackman was fishing for shark in the Boat On Sea Tournament using meat. He made cast after cast with no fish biting. And with only a couple of minutes left he activated a magic watch to speed things up a little. Shortly after this he gets the bite of his life! After a hard struggle with the great fish he finally lands it. And it's a 778 cm BEAST Shark!

Congratulations Blackman! =)

Blackman takes the throne =)


On a little sidenote I just thought I'd mention that I have been focusing on leveling for the past two days. Mainly at Seagul Harbor using Luck Potion 2.

If you manage to find hotspots, this might be one of the most efficient ways to level up quickly (but not the cheapest!).

So far I caugt THREE 5-star Atlantic Wolffish the first day and the seond day (today) I have this far caught FOUR 5-star Sailfish! I can hardly believe it myself.

I do so much fishing in salt water that I become Salty =)

Have fun! =)