Thursday, 24 October 2013

Another Paddlefish!

I have been trying to catch the Paddlefish for a long time, and I'm yet to get a bite from it =)

So it's really nice to see people catch it!

Villevari has just recently managed to catch one, so contratulations to that! But not only that, he also has the current world record for Shark. And the shark is a really rare catch! The reason for that is that it can only be caught on meat in the Boat On Sea Tournament.

On a side note I just saw the highest price on a fish in the Fish Market that I've seen so far. It was for my Atlantic Wolffish that I caught last week. 104 fishbucks, not bad for one fish! =)

Have fun! =)


  1. I caught one myself last month ;)

    and the Bigmouth Buffalo too ;)

    Btw, still looking that shark to bite..tough one to catch!


  2. Wow, great =) ... Yes the Shark is a tough one! =)