Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Fishao - Huge and awesome update!

I don't think anyone who has been playing Fishao the last couple of days have missed the new big update =)

There is so much new awesome stuff that I don't even know where to begin. Ofcourse, since there are some new things in the game like 23 new breedable types of fish, houses and furniture, those are all desireable to include on the Fishao Blog, in tables, guides etc.

So naturally, adding those things is the next step. It's all on it's way right now but I don't know when it will be ready yet, but when it's ready it going to be awesome =)

My house
So in the meanwhile I'm just going to make a short summary of the new features.

  • Homes
Each player now has a personal home which can be decorated with furniture bought at Carps Decoration (furniture store). You can also visit any friend you have added in the game by going to the Friends house. If you haven't discovered these things yet I suggest you set out on a fun little Fishao discovery expedition =)

    One of the new fishes
  • Breeding fish
Your house has a backyard where you can breed new types of fish. The more uncommon the fish is the harder it will be to succesfully breed it, which certainly makes it very exciting! And you can go to your friends houses and catch the fish they have breeded. Go check it out and explore, if you haven't already =)

More details on these updates will be added to the blog in the near future ofcourse. This new update has also added furniture to the trading system as well as fishbucks!

Have lots of fun! =)